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Avoiding the Cone of Shame - making pet's recovery easier for all

Product review by Brooklyn Bark:

Every kitty and pup is sentenced to time in an E-collar (aka Cone of Shame) at some time, be it post neutering or other surgical procedure or to help recover from a rash or an injury. There is an alternative. It is called the Cloud Collar and is made by Kong. This is an inflatable collar, similar to the neck pillows used by airline travelers. Although not pleasant to wear, it is a lot less onerous than the large plastic Cones. The Cloud Collar comes in 5 different sizes and is available through or your local pet store for about what the vet would charge for a Cone of Shame. When pup or kitty is finished with his sentence you can deflate it for easy storage for, well, next time. The Cloud Collar doesn’t make kitty or pup clumsy the way the Cone does. We’ve had our hearts go out to Cone wearers who tried to navigate their own turf only to bump into things and get stuck. Add confusion now to their pain. Pup or kitty can see around the collar so there isn’t the sense of claustrophobia some critters get in The Cone. Perhaps most important, the Cloud Collar wearer can eat and drink and do so quite comfortably. Although sleeping in a Cloud Collar isn’t like sleeping on a proverbial cloud, it is ever so much easier than attempting to sleep while wearing the Cone. Reducing a pet’s post procedure stress, allowing her to eat, drink and sleep without too much difficulty will help her recovery. For the cost of the vet’s E-Collar you can substitute a Cloud Collar making you and pup or kitty much happier. And you can have it available for that inevitable “next time.”

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