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Barking at the Cue: BBark Bark-B-cue 2015

We came. We barked. We barbecued. We left no tennis ball unthrown.

Yes, it was Brooklyn Bark’s annual Bark-B-cue this past weekend, and tails are still wagging from all the excitement!

Uncle Joe, Uncle Joe! I want you to stay here with me forever.

This yearly tradition invites Barkers to a little respite from the city. Pups pack for the day and head north along the Hudson to Croton Point Park in Westchester County with their people. It’s always a treat to watch the dogs arrive and rush out onto the huge, open field; and as they bound from the car’s backseat to bucolic landscape, one could almost hear them shouting, “Nature! I knew there was more of you out there beyond the row of tree pits on our block!”

If there was any question as to whether or not the dogs were completely thrilled to be

out there, you need only observed how at any moment—at times almost synchronously—they would take a break from playing fetch, and face-dive into the grass, all four legs pointed toward the sky, rollicking in a state of supreme delight.

Suki rests between bouts of hard playing

It’s great to see Barkers having such a blast, four footed and two. Both got to share in some seriously excellent cooked gourment sausages (ok, Sabrett hot dogs for the pups) and homemade chic pea salad courtesy of BBQ Chef Dave. And, oh, a keg of Captain Lawrence pale ale. Humans watched in amusement as pups enjoyed the freedom of the open space. Certainly, part of what makes the day so special is the staff having the chance to chat with the clients like this.

Some pups took the opportunity to hit the beachwhile we were there, either retrieving tennis balls tossed into the water, or just taking it easy and soaking up the rays on the shore.

Here comes your stick back

I know there is a treasure buried down there.

Hendrix—for whom even the shallow end quickly becomes quite deep—gets a little help from his friend, Barker Nick.

At the end of the day, we waved goodbye to some pooped-out pups as they sleepily made their way toward their owner's car, and told them that we’d see them again on Monday back in Brooklyn.

Oh, it feels so good to shake!

If you were unable to attend this year’s Bark-B-cue, then fear not! Just make sure to mark your calendars for the Saturday before Memorial Day next year, and join us for good eats, good treats, and no concrete streets!

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