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Brooklyn Cat Sitter, Tips for Training your Cat with Catnip

Whether you enjoy watching your normally dignified cat roll around on the floor or run through the house like a maniac -- or you want to modify your pet's behavior, catnip can help. Catnip contains a potent component -- nepetalactone, an oil that many cats just can't resist, leading to wild (and funny) antics.

About 70% of all cats are affected by the scent of catnip, either dried or fresh; even if it looks like your cat is eating the herb, he is most likely trying to smash as much of

it into his nostrils as possible -- think 1980's Robert Downey Junior in feline form and you'll get an idea of what to expect.

Odd, drunken behavior aside, catnip is also a powerful motivator, and can make things like commercial scratching posts very attractive to your cat. If your cat typically prefers to sharpen her claws on the finer things you own, from upholstered furniture to the clothing hanging in your closet, using catnip to focus this behavior can save some of your favorite possessions. Hopefully.

Another use for catnip is to slow your cat down. Much like the tired you feel after being tipsy for a while, that same calmness takes over a cat who has been "high on the herb." Cat driving you crazy? Divert him with catnip and hope he goes into a deep snooze so you can get some work done for a while.

Catnip is also a powerful ally if you want to introduce your cat to a new person or pet; strategically placed catnip can transform an unwanted interloper into a tolerated or even adored companion. Your pet will love seeing a Brooklyn cat sitter, even more if they associate the visit with catnip. Keeping a bag of this potent herb on hand allows you to effect positive behavior changes -- and enjoy a dose of silly cat behavior every day.

Need more ways to entertain yourself, deal with pesky behavior problems or just get kitty to slow down? Catnip!

If you want to get away for a weekend or a week and need someone to take care of your cat - with or without catnip - we'd be happy to help if we cover you ' us!

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