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Brooklyn Dog Walker Pet Care Tip: Bring a Vet to Your Pet to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Last week we shared 10 tips for a Successful Vet Visit. Tip #1 was to acclimate your pet to his carrier and to riding in a car.

But there are some cats - and a few dogs, too - who aren't going to acclimate to anything that takes them out of their comfort zone. Short of grabbing a tranquilizer gun and donning a bulletproof vest, you are not (I repeat NOT) going to convince them to go gently into the night. Or anywhere.

What about bringing the veterinarian to your cat? We doubt that kitty or terrified pup will do happy dances about any vet visit, but having his visit in his own surroundings with all his comfort cues is bound to be much less stressful than an trip with aliens to an alternate universe.

Not surprisingly, here in Brooklyn (actually all of NYC & Westchester) you can do exactly that. Remember that old saying about Mohammed going to the mountain because it wouldn't come to him? Well, you are better off. You can have the vet come to your cat.

Amazing as it may seem, there is an organization of veterinarians who are dedicated to Minimal Stress Vet Visits. They do this by coming to your cat.

Instavet ( 917-746-5607 and, "yes, there's an iPhone app for that") will dispatch a DVM to your home any day of the week up until midnight. Your InstaVet vet can and does perform a routine "office" visit, offer vaccinations, prescibe medications, consult with the family and even draw blood if necessary. He or she can give your cat a full "office visit" without kitty having to ever leave home.

Yes, a visit TO the vet can be very traumatic for many cats and some dogs. A visit FROM a vet should be a lot less so.

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