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Check out this New Vet in Town

I walked into a new vet who has been receiving a lot of buzz, Bond Vet in Cobble Hill, sat down next to a big buryly guy and smiled.

"This feels like going to a spa" he volunteered. "Really, do you usually take your German shepherd to a spa?" I asked. "Oh, no, neither of us has ever been to a spa but usually going to the vet feels like a trip to the dentist. This is what I imagine a spa would feel like." And he was right. Everything in the room said, "WELCOME!" in a luxury language from the coffee and tea machine to the bin with four varieties of dog treats to the tennis balls arranged on the wall just waiting for an eager pup. And there were little touches that we both noticed. Rather than have to balance his attaché case and dog leash with an eye on the kitty cat meowing away in the carrier while he was registering his dog, the receptionist invited him to have a seat in the modern waiting area and once he was comfortable and certain his shepherd was relaxed she brought her laptop to him to gather information. The upscale decore and welcome continued as we were escorted through the examining rooms. Each was named for a presidential pet and the walls sweetly were inscribed with loving quotations about how deeply we feel about pets. And they are open until 10 pm 7 days a week.

And they take walk-ins. No question that Bond Vet "gets it". And they certainly do "get it" about how expensive veterinary visits can be. Truthfully, we're not sure how Bond Vet can do this but we're not complaining. One of Brooklyn Bark's employees heard about Bond, was looking for a new vet and thought she'd give them a try when her dog was having tummy issues. She and her pup spent an hour on their consult. The bill, including all tests was $59 and the follow-up will be no charge. And she was most happy with the care she and her pup received.

But even if prices go up a bit, this is one practice that "gets it". This is one practice that sees the owner and the patient. This is one practice that is worth checking out.

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