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Did Someone Say Tea Party? ... and this one is to de-stress pup

Anxiety. It's not just for humans.

As Brooklyn dog walkers, we see a lot of canine stress. Crowds, buses, fire trucks, ambulances... it is not in a pup's DNA.

One of our absolute fave pups, Alva, a two-year-old rescue, has a tendency to get a little anxious here in the big city. OK, let's be real...she can get very anxious. For sure, the noise, people, and general boisterous excitement that comes along with living and walking in downtown Brooklyn can be a bit much for even the calmest of canines. But, for rescues who may have had a particularly traumatizing puphood, the hubub can be downright dreadful at times! That's our girl Alva.

What's a concerned pet parent to do? Well, just like we humans might curl up and de-stress with a cup of tea, so, too, can our pup's or kitty's nerves benefit from the brew of some herbal leaves.

Enter chamomile to help alleviate Alva's nerves. What a difference it has made!

This pet-safe, herbal tea, contains soothing, anti-inflammatory properties to help bring down those cortisol levels of our furry friends and help relieve any attendant digestive issues. Just place one tea bag in 1 cup boiling water. After it's brewed, allow it to chill, and mix in the tea with your pup's or kitty's water. Since there is virtually no toxicity associated with this herb, make your pup's tea as strong as she will drink it. This works wonders for Alva and you can almost see her relax when she "takes tea" after her walk. Since it is non-addictive, her people always have it in her water bowl.

And while a Victorian-era tea party might have frowned on the idea of spraying the tea on a guest, chamomile tea has been proven to alleviate external ailments, too. So, to treat minor skin irritations, just spray or rub some chamomile tea on an abrasion to kill harmful bacteria and yeast. Similarly, brew a cup of the herbal tea, allow it to cool in the fridge, and liberally apply to any raw or red skin. Or, hold a cooled tea bag onto the inflamed area. This works on rashes, bee stings and surgical wounds equally well.

So next time you're at a grocery store, pick up some chamomile tea. Pups, kitties and we all can use alleviating some stress, both inside and out.

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