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Duffy Needs a Home

This email landed in our inbox. Our hearts go out to Duffy. If he hasn't found a great home already, we hope one of our Barkers will be able to help.

Pls help w this one! Husband had terminal cancer. Wife said dog has to go. We found a great home. People drove up from Md to NY. Husband begged wife to let Duffy stay till he died. Well, he died a few days ago. Duffy is not getting any TLC. She wants him out! Please help me network. Free transport to a great home.

I really appreciate any help!! Great Neck, NY March 22, 2013 Duffy Needs a New Home!!! Duffy’s Dad just passed away and a new HOME is needed for Duffy ASAP. Duffy is 4 years young, very healthy, neutered & great with children. He is well trained and answers to commands. He is a true lover doggie and was cherished by his DAD!!! Sadly, we know that dogs mourn too… If you would like more information on DUFFY, please contact Graziella at OR Call Directly 718-224-5863 ext. 231

Barkers, if you do follow up, please let us know. We would be happy to help you in any way.

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