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Find Your Lost Pet. Fast.

In 2002, as part of Mayor Bloomberg’s pledge to make New York a No-Kill City, he seriously upgraded Animal Care and Control (ACC). It is no longer a place of neglect and death but rather one of the most loving, helpful agencies in New York.

Dogs and cats were born for the wild and urban living can be quite daunting. One in three will go missing some time in his lifetime and the experience is as terrifying for your pet as it is for you – cars, busses, lights, sirens and no person to trust or way to get home.

Of course, as a responsible pet owner, you’ve had your pet microchipped and he’s wearing a collar with his City license and ID tag, or at lease he was when he ran away. But he has to trust someone enough to let them see that tag (which he may have lost) and he has to be taken to a vet to have the chip read. We want some more immediate help.

ACC wants to help. They maintain an instantly accessible database of lost and found pets. Pick up your phone and Text LOSTPETNYC to 56525.

You will have instant access to search their database as well as to register your lost pet right from your phone. ACC takes in over 25,000 animals a year.

They will also send you texts as additional pets come in. You can, of course, stop these texts at will.

Of course, you will want to mobilize the neighborhood where you pet was last seen. You have your own social media which you should definitely use

If you go to their URL: they recommend three apps which can both expand your social media reach and can help you design a Lost Dog (or cat) poster to print. How nice since most of us aren’t graphic artists and those posters hung around the neighborhood are extremely effective. You know what they say a picture is worth.

So if pup or kitty becomes adventurous or gets spooked and takes off to parts unknown, know that you have a friend, many friends, at Animal Care and Control working with you to bring you back together.

And with the apps you can download from their website, Shadow, Paw Boost & Finding Rover, you have friends, many more friends, in the social media world working with you to bring you back together, too.

May you never lose your pet, but if you do, may you find him fast with through all these friends.

Do you need someone to walk your dog? You have friends right here at Brooklyn Bark.

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