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For the Love of a Bargain:

Is there anything more fun than finding something to spoil your pup with? Yes! Finding it at a discount.

If you are like all of us Brooklyn Bark dog walkers, you cannot get enough smokey shank bones, squeaky toys or fashion collars. We are always looking for something new like a super comfy doggie bed or a treat that will make our furry clients do back flips.

We Brooklyn dog walkers are hardly alone. According to the American Pet Products Association American pet owners spent over $12.56 billion (yes, that is with a B) on pet accessories and supplies in 2012. That is $58 of "fun stuff" for every cat, dog, rabbit, bird or fish. This does not include food, vet bills, grooming or dog walking. This is just "fun stuff".

We have a feeling that Barkers and other Brooklyn dog and cat owners spend a lot more that $58/year on "fun stuff" for their pups and kitties, so have we got a website for you! offers great deals on commodity items such as pigs ears and poop bags. You can get an 8 oz. bag of Canadian pig ears for $10.49, tax and shipping included. You can get 500 poop bags for $16.99 also including tax and shipping.

Where they really are great is for the unusual items they find. Would you like a custom, hardcover book of pictures of your own pup or kitty? Or a furniture grade love seat for her to sleep on? Or an oil painting of your pet? or a $50 bag of toys for $25?

Borrowing a strategy from Groupon, Coupaw sometimes offers half price certificates such as a current offer that allows you to buy $40 of emergency kit equipment for $20.

New Yorkers are know for our love of a bargain. Here is a chance to have a bargain delivered to your in-box every single morning. Some will be prosaic but an opportunity to save a few dollars, and others will be "why didn't I think of that?!?!" calibre and you will want to have your order come right through your computer screen for immediate gratification.

And getting those daily emails? Well that's a bargain. Just sign up. Can you say "free"?

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