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GREAT DOG WASH: Great time for Pups, Great time for new Social Media Stars

The Irish setter shook, spraying the already drenched, giddy volunteers while the little beagle was looking for his attorney's cell number hoping she could save him from the fate of b-a-t-h. The haughty King Charles graciously accepted his packages of Charlee Bear treats while the freshly scrubbed Great Dane regally posed in a purple boa and sunglasses for pictures her delighted momma posted to Facebook.

It was joyous mayhem as Brooklyn Barkraised money and Brooklyn dog fun on a hot summer's day at Sean Casey Animal Rescue, last Saturday. It was the 7th annual GREAT DOG WASH.

But what were we thinking? What were we thinking last year at our 6th annual Dog Wash when we noticed that the adoption van was in the exact spot it had been at the 5th Dog Wash and at Pictures with Santa and the Easter Bunny? Hey! Something's going on. Or not going on. For three years it turns out.

So never to shirk from a challenge (hah! what were we thinking?) we asked Sean Casey if he would be interested in our taking on the challenge of getting the van back on the road.

Eyes wide open - for he knew something we didn't, such as how much it would cost to fix the van mechanically as well as the electrical system and the body work - Sean slowly said, "GO FOR IT!"

And, we are going for it. And going.

It's going to take about $40,000 to get the van rolling again. We are about $10,000 toward goal. But when you look at these pictures can you imagine any group of people having a better time raising money for a cause? Our next event will be a CPR/first aid class in September and I promise we'll let you know about that loud and clear once we have the date set. Then right after that will be Howl-a-Ween on October 20th. Ghosts, goblins and costumed puppy dogs will have their chance to be photographed by our

Westminster Dog Show portrait photographer and, again, we'll get one wheel closer to rolling Sean's van once again to find more homes for pups and kitties in Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, we move closer to our goal as we relive a hot summer's day at the GREAT DOG WASH where people and pups thought it was great! If you still want to still donate, fear not. You can go to our Facebook page where there is a Donate button right under our post of the video from Channel 12.

Happily, we are still having van donations coming in. Thank you, folks.

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