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Help us Find Marley, a Lost Toy Yorkie

With the wind whipping and the snow swirling, we hope this little one is safe inside somewhere.

Here's here story from Jenellyn:

She was not wearing her collar and does not have a microchip. She was raised as an inside dog and is used to using pee pee pad's. She gets taken out when the weather is warmer.

When on walks, she tends to not walk in a straight line. She has a shorter hair cut with a short stub as tail. Her beard needs a trim along with the hair along her eyes. She weighs about 6-7 pounds. She is considered a Toy Yorkie. She is 4 years old. She is very friendly with people in general. She has a licking problem where she tends to overly lick people. She's very playful and energetic overall a very loving dog. She is spayed. And her ears flop downward not upward like the typical Yorkie.

If you even think you spot Marley, please contact Jenellyn at: or (201)286-3181.

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