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Honor the Dogs of 9/11

Every bright blue, crisp September morn those of us who experienced 9/11 here in NYC recall that fateful day. The weather was perfect and the world changed.

While we in New York comemorate the 2,606 humans who lost their lives in this horrid attack on the twin towers, while we honor the police and firefighters who pushed through to rescue what could be rescued and secure what remained, while we pay homage in our hearts to the brave souls on United Airlines flight 175 and the country's military and support staff who died in the pentagon, the dog community will be focusing on the dogs of 9/11. Just as our canine companions are by our side and often leading us day-to-day, these specially trained dogs were their humans' helpmates from moment one. Brooklyn Bark solutes you!

There were 300 Search and Rescue (SAR) dog teams deployed to the WTC site immediately post attack. They went where their handlers instructed - climbed into crevices, up rubble and into spaces there a human couldn't fit. With their way superior senses of smell and hearing they pinpointed survivors to be rescued and later found the dead to be buried. They provided emotional strength to their handlers and to all who met them. They spoke with their eyes and offered their warm bodies for comfort. They, too, were the heroes of 9/11.

So, on the eve of 9/11, Tuesday evening at 8pm, Animal Planet will pay tribute to the Dogs of 9/11.

Watch it and remember.

And feel free to post any of your 9/11 memories - dog related or not - as comments to this blog.

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