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How a Dog Can Help with Anxiety

Anxiety affects over 18% of the United States population every year, and that is just the recorded statistics. Many people ignore their anxiety, and are not proactive in reducing their stress levels that trigger panic and anxiety attacks. Some solutions include therapy, exercise, routine, medicine, a healthy diet, meditation, and a decent night’s sleep. These are all great solutions, and having a pet can enhance the benefits of your efforts and eventually reduce anxiety.

Some individuals can qualify to have a pet specifically for anxiety, often allowing them on college campuses, work settings, and public events or locations. In the moment of an anxiety attack, having a companion trained to help comfort you makes an astronomical difference. Not everyone will qualify for these specific benefits or do not need a trained animal constantly with them. Others will greatly benefit from simply having a pet and spending quality time with a new companion.

Both dogs and humans naturally want companionship and comfort, and they can both provide this to one another. By simply petting, caring, and touching a loving animal can greatly reduce stress in the moment or after an anxious day. Dogs truly do care for you, and will be more than happy to have some mutual attention at any point of the day. Having a pet also eases loneliness that often urges anxious mentalities. When someone is suffering with anxiety and is lonely without specific tasks, it can be difficult to prevent the mind from wandering and overthinking in an unhealthy way. People should cope and release their stress in a healthy manner without becoming stressed or compulsive.

Owning a pet is a healthy coping mechanism, and will allow for an anxious individual to care for another being. Taking the time to feed, pet, groom, and exercise with a pet can shift a stressed mind to a relaxed place. Owning a dog that needs to take a couple of daily walks also promotes regular exercise, which boosts serotonin and eases depression. In addition to exercise, taking the time to care for an animal encourages a schedule. For anxious people, regularity is important in order to prevent unnecessary stress.

Dogs need a healthy lifestyle, and people with anxiety need one too. If you live with anxiety or depression, consider finding a companion. A dog will provide comfort, attention, exercise, and enact healthy routines within your day.

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