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How Did I Get this Wonderful Puppy? Ask NUPRO

She gave me back my puppy. And Brooklyn Bark is naming her company, NUPRO, a 10th Anniversary Partner.

I had a very healthy 8-year-old German shepherd. Remy ate the best of the foods, exercised regularly, was up-to-date on her vaccines and had her yearly wellness check-ups. But she was naturally slowing down as her midlife was catching up.

Then I met Janis Giofiore who gave me a few samples of her NUPRO Dog Health Supplement. It took her a good 10 minutes to convince me to give it a try for I stay up-to-date on nutrition and feed Remy only the best of the best.

Well, Janis was so passionate and convincing that I gave it a try. I did mix the NUPRO into Rem’s food. She lapped it up. Janet told me her theory – pups need “original” foods and she includes bee pollen, kelp, flaxseed and for older dogs like Remy, glucosamine.

Well, within a week, I had a puppy once again. My beautiful couch potato was suddenly wet-nosing me before the alarm went off, bouncing her tennis ball around the house and nudging me to go out. I need to take NUPRO, too!!

Younger dogs – and cats, for there is a cat formula toodo well on NUPRO Gold. For the “older” pups, get the silver NUPRO, which has glucosamine, added. It works! Ask Remy.

Janis never planned to be an entrepreneur. 40 years ago she was a horsewoman, training Standardbred racehorses (trotters). She used a version of the supplement made by a nutrition doctor for her horses. She loved how it made her horses feel and race better. She met the nutritionist who developed NUPRO for his own animals. He had neither time nor interest to market his product. As a dog and cat lover, Janis thought, ‘I wonder if this works as well on other animals.

She tried it on the barn cats and saw them blossom into such lovely, beautiful, soft furred animals, folks could not believe they were the same cats. Many were adopted and found forever homes. She started going to dog shows and pet stores to tell the stories of what this supplement will do. NUPRO is now over 30 years old with an awesome reputation to make your dog or cat the healthiest, happiest and longer lived best friend ever. NUPRO now a standard,used by police K-9’s, Search & Rescue dogs, athletic and show dogs, shelters & humane societies and more.

And now NUPRO is on the shelf of almost every independent pet store as well as available thru Amazon.

Sometimes I look at my 8-year old puppy and think I should take NUPRO, too.

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