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How Often You Need to Wash Your Dog

Of course, every dog is different and will require various grooming times. Depending on health issues, nail growth, fur growth, outdoor activities, size, and diet, every pet needs a bath at different times. Always consider those previous reasons when deciding on a grooming schedule for your pet. Those differences considered, we want to help you develop a grooming routine for your pup.

Here are some important things to remember when grooming your pet!

Cutting nails: Every dog’s nails grow at a different rate, which is why this is definitely a factor to consider. Many experienced dog owners are able to keep track of this growth and even cut their dog's nails themselves. But some dogs are not tolerant and the groomer needs to cut their nails instead. If that is the case, be sure to schedule grooming and dog washing appointments based on nail growth.

Outdoor activities: We love a healthy and active pup, but they need baths more often. They roll in the mud, play with other dogs, jump in the water, and track dirt in the house quite often. This means a lot of vacuuming, and a lot of grooming. Spending time outdoors means bugs, mud, and often fur matting. Therefore, take the time to bathe your pup every few weeks if you are spending a lot of time outdoors. If they are obviously dirty (ocean salt, mud), bathe directly after!

Shedding: Grooming schedules greatly depend on the coat of your dog. Pups with shorter fur may only need a bath every two to three months if they do not spend significant time outdoors. Longer coats typically require a wash every month, while also being brushed out every week. Frequently brushing your dog also reduces shedding and keeps both your home and pup clean.

Healthy diet: A healthy diet is a significant part of grooming, and every owner should make a conscious effort to provide healthy food and plenty of water. This ensures healthy fur and nail growth, and will even keep their coat shiny and soft.

Health problems: Like humans, dogs can run into health problems that impact their daily care. You may need to change their diet, exercise routine, and grooming schedule. Ask your vet what type of grooming you can be doing at home (coat brushing, teeth cleanings) to better help their health conditions.

It is possible to bathe your dog too often, depending on their coat and skin type. Ask your vet for grooming recommendations or google the breed for specific tips. If you bathe your pup too often and do not use a moisturizing soap, then your dog’s skin can dry out and even become painful.

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