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How to Bond With a New Dog

Getting a new dog is an exciting time, and it is a great feeling to gain a companion. All of a sudden you have a new friend by your side who is happy to see you every time you get home. But you must take the time to train and bond with your new pet, which can be consuming. It is a fun process and there are certainly some tricks to help out any new owner.

Read the tips below to learn more about bonding with your new pup. A healthy and playful bond with your pet will allow you to more effectively train them.

Start slow: You are never completely sure what environment your pup came from, whether or not it was a reliable breeder or the pound. Therefore, you will not know how your pup will react to different stimuli. They may lose appetite, become moody or distant, and be uninterested in regular activities. So be sure to start slow with any and all activities!

Create consistent rules: As much as we want to be our dog’s best friend, we will need to create rules and stick with them. Maintain the same punishments, which even includes saying “no” in the same tone.

Maintain a schedule: First, consider your own schedule. Think about the times you wake up, go to work, have dinner, get exercise, and go to sleep. Then work around the schedule you would like for your pet, and be sure to keep that schedule in mind for the next few months. Every pet is different, and some may need a stricter schedule than others.

Take time for training: A significant part of bonding with your pet is training. They will typically relate to you as the alpha in the relationship and then the bond will grow from there. This includes potty training, household boundaries, tricks, and general rules. So set apart time in the day to focus on your pet one on one!

Have patience: Remember to have patience with your pet when allowing them to get used to their new environment and owner. They are moving to an entirely new home and need time and space to adjust. Give them some space and be patient.

Allow for independence: We know you love your new pup, but they still need to learn and understand how to be independent. You will not be able to be with them all the time and therefore must allow for your pet to appreciate spending time by themselves. If you are constantly by their side when you first bring them home, then separation anxiety may develop.

Play and relax: Allocate time to play with your pet and give them some exercise. A tired dog is a good dog! They will love playtime, and be able to appreciate relaxation as well.

Work on tricks: In addition to basic types of training, try to spend time with your new pup to work on different tricks in order to stimulate their minds.

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