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It's Sunny in DC

She is called "Sunny" for her great disposition. Her last name is "Obama". Yes, Sasha, Malia and Bo have a little sister.

Like her big bro, Sunny is a Portuguese Water Dog, a breed prized for being largely non-allergenic. She was born in June and just arrived in the White House, to join her forever family in their forever - until 2017 - home in DC.

By all reports Sunny, Bo and their human sisters are over the moon with joy. According to the First Lady, the decision to adopt a second dog was mainly for Bo because he has precious little doggie interaction. But those of us who have kids - or who have ever been kids - know where the pressure probably came from.

Bo was a gift to Sasha and Malea by the late Senator Ted Kennedy who bred these fairly new-to-America dogs, fulfilling the promise their dad made to them in his first presidential acceptance speach. Sunny came from a breeder in Michigan, a much more low key adoption.

As soon as her trainers give her a paws up, Sunny is expected to share First Dog duties with big brother Bo. These include visits to Walter Reed Hospital and Children’s National Medical Center, inspection of holiday decorations at the White House and greeting guests during tours and the annual Easter Egg Roll.

A statement from the White House website introducing Sunny: “We suspect Sunny will follow in Bo’s footsteps and keep the President company in the Oval Office, go for walks with the First Family after their 6:30 family dinner and even jump up on the First Lady’s lap from time to time!”

Share the joy!

America has a new First Dog!!

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