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Let Your Voice Be Heard for your Dog, your Cat and all Animals!

Anyone familiar with the ASPCA knows their tag, “We are their voice.”

On Monday, May 6th you can really be their voice. You can become part of a consortium traveling to Albany for New York Voices for Animals Lobby Day!

What is more, the members of the ASPCA will provide you with an overview of pending or upcoming legislation that directly impacts animals and “real” lobbyist training before you meet with your elected official.

If you feel passionate about

  • Cracking down on puppy mills

  • Dog control officer training

  • Strengthening cruelty penalties

  • Stopping dog breed-specific insurance policy discrimination

This is your opportunity to be heard. This is your opportunity to make a difference.

You can make a difference and it won’t cost you at all for the ASPCA is providing coach bus transportation from Manhattan to Albany and back.

We know you have the passion. If you can find the time, we urge you to become the voice of the animals of New York State on May 6th.

Again, transportation is free! The ASPCA is providing a charter bus to Albany which will depart from their offices in Manhattan (520 8th Avenue) at 7 am for the Legislative Office Building (198 State Street) in Albany.

So get on that bus and let your voice be heard for the furry and feathered citizens of our great state. Contact our friend Michelle Villagomez, the ASPCA’s director for Government Relations.

Contact Michelle to arrange a place on the bus so your voice will be heard.

212-876-7700 ext 4550.

Seats are limited, so reserve your spot on the bus by emailing Michelle as soon as possible! You must already be registered to attend New York Voices for Animals Day in order for us to fulfill your request for a bus seat. Your seat is not guaranteed unless you receive an email confirmation.

And if you get to go, please let us know. We would love to hear if our elected

leaders are listening.

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