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New Way to Neuter

The kindest cut is NO cut.

Non-surgical neutering is : safe, effective, anesthesia-free, pain-free and inexpensive

Zeuterin, that is now how male dogs can be neutered - no anesthesia, no surgery, no recovery.

Leave it to Sean Casey Animal Rescue to bring this to New York! Zeuterin works. It is painless, it is inexpensive and it is super fast. And it is FDA approved, so far, for neutering male dogs (not yet for cats).

The procedure is quick: a veterinarian trained in the technique or a supervised vet tech injects zinc gluconate (Zeuterin) through a very fine needle into each testicle. In field studies this caused 99.6% of treated dogs to become sterile in 60 days or less.

The procedure was approved by the FDA in 2012 and there are already many vets around the country who have incorporated it into their practice. It has been deemed safe for dogs above the age of 3 months.

So, Sean Casey Animal Rescue is embarking on a new phase of service. Much like the ASPCA’s mobile spay & neuter van (which serves dogs AND cats of both genders), SCAR will be scheduling stops around NYC where owners can have their male dogs neutered. With the spay and neuter vans of the ASPCA way overworked - they have people lining up before 6 am when they visit a neighborhood - it is not a minute too soon to have Zeuterin come in.

But, this van is dual purpose. It is fitted with rows of cages so it is also an adoption van. This will allow SCAR to host and participate in many more events and help many more pups and kitties find homes. No more shared adoption van for SCAR any more!

We all know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Now with quick, inexpensive and painless neutering, SCAR will be

bringing many ounces of prevention to our great city.

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