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Our Top 6 Back-to-School Essentials for your pup

It’s a big week in Brooklyn! School is back in session, traffic is a bit gnarlier, and summer Fridays are over. For the dogs of Brooklyn, it’s a season of change as well as they are spending more time at home alone now that everyone’s fall schedules are in swing. Here are our top 6 essentials for dogs to keep busy and happy while you're away.

Number Six...

The old reliable favorite, the Classic Kong. A standard in the pet parent arsenal. Filling with peanut butter (be sure your brand does NOT contain xylitol) is a sure way to get your dog to zone in and let time fly by. Another great way to use the Kong is to fill it with kibble, hold it under your faucet and let the water run through and get the kibble damp, then freeze it! This will extend the amount of time and is a brilliant way to keep your pup busy while you’re away. Level up your Kong game by purchasing two. Leave that peanut butter filled one with your dog in the morning when you head out to work and have your dog walker give the frozen one as a treat after our afternoon walk.

Number Five...

An absolute favorite of our Brooklyn Bark staff pups, many Brooklyn dog walkers refer to this green gem simply as ‘Treat Ball.’ The distinct hollow rubber bounce sound coupled with the rattle of kibble or treats inside will bring your pup (or kitty) scampering and ready to engage! We really like this dispenser/toy from StarMarkbecause of the way the opening is engineered. Not all of the goodies inside will simply fall out. There is work to be done for these rewards which keep paws and minds busy and calm. For an easier challenge, use longer treats that will fit into and stick out of the openings.


Number Four...

Speaking of keeping busy, we’re big fans of Nina Ottosson’s puzzles at Outward Hound. Nina created the puzzle toy category for dogs, over 25 years ago, when her own pups needed something to keep them busy while indoors. There are 4 different levels of puzzles offered. We are fans of many of them but if we had to pick one, the Dog Tornado stands out. Like with all of the puzzles, there are many ways to adjust the difficulty of the game using the pieces provided. So, the challenge is different every time! It’s amazing mental exercise for members of the pack who don’t have thumbs. Ok ok, we have fun playing right along with them!

Number Three...

Go all out and stay connected. It’s not the least expensive on the market but it’s way more than a pet cam. Nothing will soothe your baby (okay, and you) more than staying connected through the day. With HD video, two-way audio, bark alerts, and a treat tossing function, the Furbo does everything, short of giving belly scratches.

Number Two...

Turn on the tunes! Get a great pup or kitty playlist together for the afternoon. Some calm background music or talk radio will help to drown out neighborhood noises that can keep some dogs in alert and protect mode. Plus, if you go with talk radio, your lil' tail-wagger will be ready to participate in election discussions at Fort Greene or Prospect Park!

Source: Brooklyn Bark - Rachel Bowers

Number One...

Even with all of the best gadgets and gizmos, nothing beats a great afternoon walk with one of their human besties and their neighborhood pack! You may think we're a little biased but walks in the afternoon provide so much more than just a potty break. So schedule their Recess with Brooklyn Bark and we’ll be sure they get safe, loving, and fun breaks in their days while you’re away.

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