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PET SAFETY MONTH: 30 tips in 30 days that can save your pet's life - Tip #30

April is ending but the need for pet safety awareness never ends. The more you know as a pet parent, the better off your pup, kitty or other pet is should an emergency arise.

We've covered quite a few situations but far from everything and there are some you just have to practice in person and for this reason we invite you to join us at our next pet CPR/first aid class. Moreover, as a loyal reader we are offering a $15 discount on the next class which is on Wednesday evening, May 15th. Click on the bone below and enter the code 30TIPS to bring your already discounted tuition down to $85.

Hands on! How do you keep one emergency from becoming two? Most injured animals go into fight or flight mode and unable to flee, will bite, scratch and claw, even their own pet parent. We teach how to approach your terrified pup or kitty to both calm her and to keep yourself safe and out of harms way.

Pup or kitty or even a squirrel you picked up in the park suddenly stops breathing. What do you do? How do you position yourself and the animal to be effective? What if you forget the number of heartbeats and breaths per minute?

How do you help a dog or a cat who is physically choking?

NYC is one of the few places blessed with a pet ambulance.

When do you call AmbuVet?

When do you grab an Uber or a car service?

So come join us live on the evening of May 15th for a review of the Safety Tips you've learned this month and to learn additional hands on. Dinner included.

As they say, you never know.

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David Ferguson
David Ferguson
12 apr. 2023

Very interesting!

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