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Salute to: Mighty Mutts Fostering Network from Brooklyn Dog Walkers

“Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have.”

Margaret Mead

In April, Brooklyn Bark Dog Walkers salute a wonderful network of volunteers who work together to change the world. They rescue the stray dogs of NYC, one at a time, by fostering and then working to find them their perfect home. Mighty Mutts changes the world for these dogs. They provide rehabilitation, veterinary care and often spay/neuter. And a lot of love. They also change the world of the person or the family who is fortunate to adopt one of their dogs. A dog who has been living by his wits, struggling for survival rarely has the social skills to succeed as part of a human family.

Volunteers take these strays into their own homes to teach them how to live, how to act and what to expect. These are life lessons that are necessary to learn before there can be a successful adoption. Think “Liza Doolittle”.

Once a former stray is deemed fully healthy and has adjusted socially, he earns the right to wear the “Adopt Me” vest. His foster person takes him to dog events, such as FIDO’s Coffee Bark, for more socialization plus an opportunity to meet “The Right One” who may fall in love and want to adopt. The Might Mutt foster parents also take their dogs to look for homes at Mighty Mutt’s weekly adoption drive every Saturday in Manhattan at the southwest corner of Union Square Park (14th Street and Union Square West) and Petco - Union Square (860 Broadway, New York, NY). Do you think you could help save the world, one dog at a time?

Contact our friend Robert Herskovits or 347-228-2034. Or

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