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Sweet & Shy Lost Dog: Help find Sadie

Sadie went from the picture at left to the one at right.

The first picture is from the shelter, the second from her home with Liz and Alex. Her proud people parents say she is still very shy and slow to warm up to strangers.

She ran out of her Bed-Stuy apartment on Jan 31 and her parents and everyone so want her home. She is microchipped but tagless. And very, very scared.

Sadie is about 20 lbs, a spaniel mix who looks a lot like a solid black border collie. She has been spotted on Stuyve

sant and Madison Aves and then, we think, in Sheepshead Bay on Nostrand and Ave W.

She is shy and we can only imagine how traumatized by now, so if you spot her, let her come to you.

We recommend holding a piece of very desirable treat (at this point, street food such as a hot dog would be fine), asking people to clear the area and then crouching down in an enclosed space, at least against a wall.

We know that in Brooklyn everybody knows better and has to be involved so this might be the hardest part. Ask a few people to be your “helpers” and keep the area around you clear and quiet.

As you crouch, hold the hotdog (or whatever you can get that is desirable and good smelly) and call her name softly once or twice. And then wait. This is the hardest, hardest part. Don’t coax her. Look away but hold the hot dog very accessible. No sudden movements, no loud noises. Just let her approach the hot dog at her own slow pace. This may take half an hour or more but it has to be at Sadie’s cautious pace.

When she comes to the hot dog break off a piece and offer it from the flat palm of your outstretched hand. Once she accepts and eats that, break off another small piece and do likewise. You can talk to her gently, using her name, as she does this. No noises, no sudden movements. When she finally accepts you then reach out to slowly pet her. Gaining her trust will be slow but oh so worth it!

Bring her to the nearest vet or shelter. They all have microchip wands and they won’t charge (or shouldn’t. If they do, pay it and Brooklyn Bark will reimburse you.)

If you spot Sadie and are unable to go through this procedure – it takes serious time and patience, fortitude and good luck that no bystander spooks her – call, text or email:

Liz and Alex Coulombe

BadAss 646-391-1497

Or your Brooklyn Bark Bark Master 914-649-5188 (that’s my cell # so you can always get through, any time)

We know Sadie will be reunited with Alex and Liz because of her microchip. But the sooner they are back as a family the better for all. And we promise to blog her story as soon as we hear.

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