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Tips for Traveling With a Dog

We know that you want to bring your pup on vacation with you, but it can seem difficult. You want to make sure they are safe, comfortable, and easily adaptable to another environment. Some owners can leave their pet with a friend, family member, or with some type of dog sitter. But for others, this is not necessarily an option and they need to bring their pet with them. Either way, we want to educate you about travelling with your companion.

Health Concerns: Research the place of your vacation beforehand, and check if your dog may need any vaccinations or shots. Think about their health concerns, travelling medication, and their regular diet. Bring their medical certification for all air travel, and a crate if necessary. Many owners forget to research a veterinarian in the area in case of an emergency. We are sure your pet will have a fabulous vacation, but be prepared by having the local vet programmed into your phone beforehand.

Purchase or bring your crate: We recommend that you Google the guidelines for your method of travel before purchasing a crate. It may also help if you are sleeping in a hotel, just in case your dog has an accident or becomes intolerant in the middle of the night.

Other equipment: Bring your leash, a sturdy collar, and a dog tag. The dog tag should include a name and number, but be careful about putting your address especially when on vacation. Even consider installing a microchip in your pet just in case of an emergency.

Think about adaptability: Has your dog been on a plane, train, or in the car? Bring the proper medication just in case they become very nervous and you are unable to calm them down, especially for a flight when you cannot be with them the entire time. If they do not spend time in the car often, try to take them for a few rides beforehand just to make sure that they will be alright for a longer ride. Remember to understand your dog’s comfortability, which includes regular dog food and exercise breaks.

Follow the rules: This may seem obvious, but sometimes dog owners forget to research their lodging and travel allowances beforehand. Make sure that you choose a hotel that allows pets, and that your travel method will allow them as well. Research weight restrictions, general rules, and other important information before bringing your pet on vacation. Some companies even have poor reputations for their travel methods for pets, which is certainly something to think about before booking a ticket.

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