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Top 5 Valentines Day Gifts for your Dog

Since chocolate-covered tennis balls aren't an option, here are our top 5 picks for a great valentine day surprise for your pup! We love some wordplay so we're dubbing this our 'Tail-entines' gift list!

Before we get started, let me note that this is not sponsored. Maybe we're a little derpy but, we'd rather just give your a dog-gone honest list. But hey...sponsors...give us a shout! 😄

Source: Jami-Di G.

5. XOXO Tennis Balls from BarkBox


From the makers of BarkBox cupids arrow will surely hit a bullseye with these adorable xoxo tennis balls. What we really love is that they are available in two different sizes. So our tiny valentines can comfortably enjoy an indoor our outdoor game of fetch!

Bonus: These bad boys squeak as well! Like many of Bark Box's amazing creations, it's like a two for one. We'll take that!

4. Charlee Bear Treats


It's no secret that we're BIG lovers of these treats here at Brooklyn Bark. Why? They're healthy, low calorie, satisfyingly crunchy. Yes, we've tried them ourselves. Most importantly....dogs LOVE them! We're sure that you'll get lots of "paw" if you've got some of these in your hand. Try their new "Bearnola Bites" in Peanut Butter and Honey. It's nice to have a treat that your dog loves that you don't have to feel guilty about if you're spoiling them with extra snack-er-doos!

3. Furbo Dog Camera


This is the Tesla of dog cameras. If Ellen Gives them away...well, you know they're fire! This gift is one that's also for you though. This sleek camera is more than smart, it's brilliant! You not only keep an eye on your peanut in HD and talk to them live, but it has bark alert (real-time and adjustable sensitivity), activity alerts (so you'll know if Fido is in zoomie mode), and of dispenses treats! Cookies are dispensed with an audible 'click' so it becomes a positive reinforcement training tool. If you're gun shy on this one, they offer free returns in the first 30 days.

2. Whistle Go


Most of us aren't headed to Tiffany's for some bling for our dog. Who cares, here's an even better and more functional bobble for your dog's neck! We haven't tried this one yet but personally but there are lots of promising reviews and we're eager to get our paws on one!

There are two versions of their fitness/tracker combo. The Whistle Go and the Whistle Go Explore. With this attached to your dog's collar you always know their location, can set boundaries and switch to real-time tracking if they go outside that area, get a view of their activity during the day along with push notifications and monitor their health. It will even track their licking and scratching so you can stay ahead of a potential issue. One note, there is a monthly subscription that you'll have to sign up for. The options are all less than $10 per month and use the AT&T cellular network (no contract required.) If you order one along with a collar before Feb16th and use code PAIR15 they are offering a discount of 15%

1. Treat Ball! - AKA Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball Toy


Stick with while we explain our #1 pick. After the last two high-end recommendations from us, this little green ball might puzzle you. This will be the best $10 you'll ever spend on your pup. Or you will write to us complaining about your dog's obsession 😆

We don't know what it is, the way it bounces, the way it spills treats out, the way they have to sometimes work for the treats. It's all the things! Our Chief Barketing Officer, Murphy, as well as our Chief Executive Barker, Mara, both lose their doggie marbles over "Treat Ball." And we see them in our client's homes as well. If you don't have one, get one. Paws up🐾 🐾

Bonus - DIY Dog Treats

We have one last yummy idea that we want to share. We're complete 'Stan's' for Honest Kitchen. Here is a great DIY dog treat recipe from them that you can whip up in a jiffy. Serve it on your good china for that extra valentines day touch! Come on, you know it's sitting in a closet not being it for the gram! Don't forget to tag us, @brooklynbark!

Bonus Idea!!

Have some extra time, or some extra $$, share the love with a local rescue group. Go take a pup on a walk or make a donation in your dogs name. We love Sean Casey Animal Rescue and they're always in need of volunteers and of course, donations!

Date Night? We're on it!

Once you've spoiled your barkentine with hearts and love and presents, you might have a hot human date on Friday night. If so, remember to book a walk in the late afternoon. We'd love to go on a little doggie date with your peanut so you can stay out later and get all 😍with your partner

Happy 'Tailentines' Day Barkers! We hope your day is filled with love, kindness, wet noses and cuddles!

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