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Treats from the Old Neighborhood Butcher.... Updated

What if your cardiologist went to the old fashioned butcher in the old neighborhood and brought home “parts” for your dog? Parts such as heart or liver that we humans don’t put on our dinner plates, but that our doggie (and even kitty) friends would love to feast on, given the chance.

What if everything your doc shared for your dog was from human grade sources and was completely pure – from animals raised in the USA without antibiotics or artificial hormones? You can’t imagine he would do this, but you know he started doing this for his own dogs after realizing that organ meats are some of the most nutritious foods pets can eat. Not to mention, the detritus (a medical term meaning waste or debris of any kind) that doesn’t make it into the human food chain is diverted to dog foods and treats. And quite legally.

What your cardiologist likes most about organ meats is that they’re chock full of vitamins and minerals, and are THE very best food sources of an antioxidant nutrient that we and our pets need for heart health – CoQ10. Your doc also brought home beef and chicken breast from the butcher because they’re the next best food sources of CoQ10. And then he stopped at the fishmonger next door to pick up salmon scraps for his pets and yours because they contain high levels of CoQ10 and other nutrients.

But you don’t have a cardiologist who makes trips to the old neighborhood so you can give pup or kitty the best of the best.

But, surprise! You do!

That’s how Dr. Sinatra’s Ageless Paws freeze-dried dog treats began. And it’s the basis of its business model today.

Ageless Paws are a Concept Treat, a single ingredient protein that has no fillers, no additives, no preservatives. Five choices: 100% Chicken Breast, Beef, Bison Liver, Turkey Heart or Wild Salmon - totally pure, no long-term unknowns in any Ageless Paw treats. Want to keep them around? Of course! They are desiccated.

They are great for pups – and kitties, too – with sensitive stomachs or allergies. The most common allergies are chicken or beef, both ingredients it is hard to get away from. Ageless Paws has Bison Liver and Wild Salmon, two proteins hardly any pup or kitty is allergic to.

Being a fairly new company, they are slowly finding shelf space in local pet stores which is the first place we always look. But if you want them delivered to your doorstep, you can definitely use their website or, next time you are putting together an Amazon ordertoss in a couple treats for kitty or pup.

And when you have a happy, "well treated" pup, and need him to go out during the day, get in touch with Brooklyn Bark for we treat our pups - and kitties - well, too.

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