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Understanding Our Feline Friends: 5 Ways Cats Show Love

Conventional wisdom says that cats are standoffish. That they're just here for the food and the convenient litter cleanup. That they can take or leave their human owners. Conventional wisdom has never owned a cat, because true cat lovers know better. It's true that cats are more subtle in the way they show affection than their canine cousins—they probably won't wag their tails and wriggle with joy when you come home—but they have their own methods of showing you they care.

1. They Bunt

Does your cat push her head against your hand? That move is called bunting, and it's one way for your precious pet to tell you she loves you (and she wants your attention). Bunting is a social behavior between cats that can show trust and affection. Your cat also has scent glands on the top of her head that mark you with her scent. She's telling other animals to stay back, because you're her human and she wants you all to herself.

2. They Curve Their Tails

A cat's tail is one of its most important methods of communication. If your kitty holds his tail upright with a slight curve at the end, that's a sign he's happy to see you and enjoying your company. Affectionate cats will also deliberately brush their tails against your leg as they walk past you or drape the tip of their tail across you as they lounge nearby. When your cat gives you a tail touch, it's a mark of great favor.

3. They Talk

Cats that are more vocal around you might be trying to say "I love you" in cat-speak. A cat's meow is a versatile thing, but if your furry companion greets you with a handful of meows when you come home, it might be a sign of welcome and affection: she missed you, and she's glad you're back. Other noises, such as chirrups, trills, and squeaks, are also a sign of a happy cat who enjoys your company and wants your full attention.

4. They Lick

As it turns out, a cat kiss isn't so different from a human one! They have different connotations, but cats practice grooming on each other as a sign of friendship and as a way of strengthening their bond. Do you find that your cat loves to lick your hand when you pet him? He's trying to groom you, and it's his way of letting you know he cares.

5. They Blink

A simple blink is one of the most coveted signs that your cat loves you. Because cats can be both predator and prey in the wild, they're wary animals. They don't like to let their guard down, and that includes closing their eyes. Try watching your cat from across the room. Does she narrow her eyes or slowly blink when she sees you? That slow blink, sometimes known as "love eyes," means your cat feels safe when you're around. She knows you'll protect her. Try slowly blinking back at her to let her know you've got the message—and you trust/love her, too.

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