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Walk Your Dog Into Some Pet-Friendly Park Slope Shops

Brooklyn Bark has a wonderful team of dog walkers in Park Slope. They watch their Barkers closely but also look around for ideas to share with the human Barkers. They've been happily making a list of some of the pet friendly shops in the 'hood and we share it here.

If you have any additions, please let us know. Walking into a pet-friendly shop can be the highlight of any walk for you and pup both.

Check out Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store at 232 Fifth Avenue. The owner, Ann Cantrel, offers modern and fun items in her bright and cheery shop. Dogs are warmly welcomed here! Your pet will be thrilled if you pick up a new heavy-duty dog toy or a scrumptious can of beef bourguignon dog treats while you shop.

Need to pick up a prescription? Stop by The Modern Chemist at either of their locations at 189 7th Ave or 191 4th Avenue. In addition to filling prescriptions, the pharmacy offers progressive and hard-to-find beauty products, toys, gift books and candles. The gentleman on staff said of dogs, "We love them! We love it when they come in." Laughing, he continued, "but they aren't allowed to get into the medicine!"

Relax with your dog and a good book at Community Bookstore, where pet friends are spoiled. This charming and cozy shop is at 143 Seventh Avenue. Community Bookstore encourages Park Slope pet owners to come to peruse the great selection of books, and visit the shop's pet cat and turtle. Spoiler alertL They have a delightful backyard garden where you and pup can chill.

If you need to make a trip to the hardware store, make it together with your dog to Leopoldi's True Value at 415 Fifth Avenue. Named by the Daily News "The Best Hardware Store in Brooklyn," Leopoldi's has beem family owned for generations. It has been called a neighborhood gem. "Oh, yeah, we let the dogs come in. We pet them, we talk to them. We love a good dog," says a member of Leopoldi's staff.

We're sure you'll know many more businesses in Park Slope that welcome pups. Please share so we can let the world know. That way, all Park Slopers can let business be pleasure as you run about the neighborhood with your furry friend.

When you can't take your dog with you, know that our dog walkers don't mix their personal agenda with your dog's time. Brooklyn Bark's Park Slope dog walkers are 100% about your dog when we're together but they all have a heart of fun and love to share.

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