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What Can Be Better than Being a Brooklyn Dog at Halloween?

Halloween in Brooklyn is one holiday that had gone to the dogs.

The season is bookended by two of the best events imaginable - the Sean Casey Animal Rescue's 8th Annual Howl-o-Ween Block Bark Party and Ft. Greene PUPS' PupKin.

Kick off the season with Howl-a-Ween on Sunday Oct 25 at noon as the City blocks off East Third Street between Caton and Ft. Hamilton Parkway (in front of the SCAR adoption shelter and pet store). The entire block comes alive with pups proudly strutting in costume with their owners absorbing every bit of attention they can. There are home baked goodies to enjoy and bring home, vets to meet (maybe you can get some free advice) and lots of great new dog products that you might even be tempted to buy.

Brooklyn Bark will be there with our now famous prize wheel. For a donation of any amount you choose you can spin and win treats, toys, pup shampoo or a lifetime supply of tennis balls.

All this to a live band rockin'

It will take the better part of the week for pup to come back to earth after being "ooo'ed" and "ahhhh'ed" and "oh so cute'ed". And just when you thought it was safe to return to a normal sized ego, along comes PupKin.

PupKin is always special. It is held in Ft. Greene Park right by the ship prisoners' monument every year. But this year, PupKin's 17th, it is extra special as it will be on Halloween itself. Yes, October 31st.

With registration beginning at 11:00 for the contest at noon, there will be plenty of oooh'ing and ahhhh'ing and so cuting time straight through the 2-hour competition.

So now we know where we will be Halloween partying with pup. The question is, how do we maximize those oooh's, ahhhh's and so cutes?

Well, Brooklyn is the land of creativity. Your pup is the cutest ever but to really get that attention you need a terrific costume. Get out your sewing machine and glue gun and create away.

"But," you say "Brooklyn is also the land of insane hours working and, frankly, not enough room in a 600 sq ft. apartment to keep a sewing machine. Or even a glue gun.

Brooklyn, ah, Brooklyn. Brooklyn is also the headquarters of Etsy. And boy do the creatives at Etsy have Brooklyn quality costumes waiting.

Does pup want to be one of the Three Muskateers, or a genie or perhaps a shark? Etsy craft people will make your pup's costume.

Do you have a kitty, bunny, dragon or even a turtle who wants to dress for Halloween? Etsy is your answer.

Do you want to go "holiday spirit" in every day wear for pup or kitty? Etsy has crafters that will make a special collar or bandana in the holiday spirit.

The only caveat is to order early. Most of these specialty items are custom made by a single crafts person.

And you will also have to work on preparing your pup for all those oooooh's, ahhhhh's and "so cutes".

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