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What is Alternative Boarding?

At Brooklyn Bark we've gotten a lot of buzz recently for our "alternative boarding." In March, New York Magazine named us Best in New York and specifically cited our alternative pet sitting. In April, DNAinfo blogged in all their Brooklyn editions Brooklyn Dogs Can Now Go Sailing. The media buzz is based on BBark's alternative boarding.

Only, please, don't call it boarding, dog boarding, pet boarding or anything that conotes, ugh, confinement or cages.

Thomas Jefferson could have come up with this concept if he were with us today. It is based on dogs having inalianable rights to love, family and supervised freedom. When our Barkers' people are around, that is the way it is. Why should it be different if their people have to leave for business, vacation or other reasons?

So dog boarding with Brooklyn Bark is designed to respect what we consider canine inalianable rights - life, liberty and the pursuit of squirrels.

It is also based on dogs being social/pack/family creatures who thrive in the presence of other dogs and humans.

And, it is based on the fluidity of the pack.

Plain and simple, we become part of pup's pack or he becomes part of ours while his LoP (leader of the pack) is away.

For short visits, the least disruptive for a pup is to maintain his routine, for dogs are comfortable with the certainty of knowing what is coming next.

The first option for Barkers is to have pup's Care Associate stay over at his home. Pup's routine is undisturbed and he is with someone he already knows well and respects. Dogs define their pack by their sleeping placement so having one of his known leaders in pup's own environment with his normal routine is the easiest on a very sensitive pup.

For pups who like a little adventure - and you know your own dog's personality - sleeping over at his Care Associate's home is as much fun as you had when you had a sleepover as a kid. It's just a little bit different. It's an adventure but it is comfortable.

But for a truly adventurous dog who adapts well, loves people and other dogs, a trip to

Brooklyn Bark North is in the cards.

Here your pup becomes part of Brooklyn Bark's Bark Master's "pack." Your pup is welcomed by Assistant Bark Master, Remy, who is a 2 year old German shepherd, the Bark Master and her hubby David. Your pup becomes an integral part of their pack - while observing your own pack rules about going on furniture, leash walking and general canine manners.

You can arrange for the Bark Master to pick up your pup in the kennelmobile, a CRV with the back section gated off as a first class cabin for dogs. There is no charge for transport although minimum stay at BBNorth is 4 days. This minimum is also for pup's well being as it takes a while to aclimate (think of your own travels).

When pup is part of the Bark Master family he is, yes, part of the Bark Master family. With 17 acres available, daily hikes are on the schedule. With a private beach, swimming is the thing in good weather. With a sailboat on the Hudson River, well, you get the picture.

As the Bark Master says, "What can be more fun that a barrel of monkeys? A houseful of dogs!" Only, please, don't call it boarding.

For more information you can call Bark Master at 914-649-5188 to discuss.

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