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Why is a harness better than a collar?

Most dog owners use a leash, and for a lot of pups it works perfectly fine. If your dog is very well behaved and calm, then you probably do not need to consider switching to a harness. However, a harness still has many benefits that will help both you and your dog. Many owners find that their dog needs a harness, but only during certain times or settings. Some dogs get extremely excited at the dog park, but may not need additional restraint elsewhere. It is all about knowing your pet and what they need!

Consider the following when deciding if you should use a harness rather than a collar, because your pup might just thank you.

• Easier to control: As previously mentioned, harnesses are more effective to control your pet. Think about the size and behavior of your pet, especially if they are stronger than you. Most products are simple to put on, dogs don’t mind them, and it is easier for the owner to manage the pet.

• Discourages pulling: A harness is able to discourage pulling, which can be effective for an energetic pup or dog in training. If they do decide to pull, then they will have less ability to do so because the weight is focused on the entire body of the dog. Over time, the goal is to decrease pulling overall which is a perfect training tool for new dogs.

• Less bodily restraint: The harness has the ability to disperse weight across the body of the dog, instead of just the neck. Your dog will pull less and be easier to train, but it is also better for their health. It greatly reduces strain on their neck and back, which is much better for an older pup or one that pulls a lot.

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