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Why pay $10.39 When You Can Get it for $6.27?

It's hardly a secret that the mark-up on pet treats, toys and accessories borders on the obscene. Why else would PetSmart buy-out have fetched $8.7 billion (yes, with a B) less than a year ago? Triple keystone, tripling the cost, is not uncommon.

But we New Yorkers believe in bargains. Triple keystone is far from being a bargain, especially when you can easily find the idential products for much less. Take Zuke's Beef and Potato Jerky. You can pay $10.39 at PetSmart or you can get the identical package for $6.27.

Filling pup's or kitty's stocking at wholesale prices makes a lot of sense. This past summer one of the suppliers we use at Brooklyn Bark,, decided to offer retail quantities down to single items at a cost between wholesale and what pet stores present as "reduced" retail.

The savings are significant. DogSupplies carries treats, toys and accessories.

PetSmart sells a size large Kong (R) Wubba for $14.49. The identical item is $9.98 at DogSupplies.

If you go generic, you save even more. An antler for a medium dog to chew on is $22.99 from PetSmart, $6.30 from

No doubt you are getting this. A Martingale for $8.99, a 6' leash for $3.79. You need it, has it, but just not food. And there is one more very pleasant suprise on this site: The Bargain Bin.

Bargain Bin stock rotates, of course, but there is no item higher than $4. Today that includes 8 oz packs of treats by Natural Balance ($3.29) and squeaker balls by JW ($1.36) or a squeaky plush toy for $3.49.

Oh, since is based in North Carolina, they do not collect New York sales tax. They offer free shipping on orders over $99, but if you use our code SHIP49 you get free shipping at $49.

What do they say in New New Orleans? "Let the good times roll!" Up here in New York we agree, but we like to do it at a bargain.

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