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Your Pet, the Hurricane and You

Even a cynic must wonder if the dire predictions around Hurricane Sandy are true as the winds and the rain whip New York City mercilessly. There is hardly a leaf left on a tree and construction cranes are falling from the sky on 57th Street.

New York is one of the most pet friendly cities in the world. When the chips are down we see why. There are two ordinances in effect in a declared emergency that every NYC pet owner should know in event they are ordered to evacuate.

  1. A taxi or limo driver may not turn down a fare who is accompanied by a pet.

  2. Shelters in NYC must accept a pet when accompanied by an evacuee.

Of course, in both cases the pet must be leashed or in a carrier.

As President Obama said this morning, If you are ordered to evacuate, evacuate NOW.

Thank you New York for not making us choose between our own safety and leaving our pet either behind or in a shelter (which is the rule in the rest of the country, that pets are to be evacuated to local shelters).

For anyone who is ordered to evacuate and doesn't want to go to a public shelter and has no one to "crash with" there are a number of hotels - more and more each year - that are pet friendly. Go to to find a property that will welcome you both.

In the event you must evacuate, let common sense prevail.

  • Be sure your pet is wearing the collar with all their tags

  • Bring a copy of veterinary records if there are any issues

  • Bring pet food and a bowl

Brooklyn Bark also passes on a short but throrough article on bringing your pet through the storm, both emotionally and physically. We are part of the Pet Emergency Network and pass this advice along.

To all our Barkers and friends, Brooklyn Bark dog walkers and pet sitters wish you a safe passage through the storm with only good tales and tails to share.

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