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Your Pup is Westminster Gorgeous. Now you can get the photos.

Every dog is gorgeous. We believe this and so does our friend James Morrissey who is the Westminster Dog Show portrait photographer. “Truthfully,”says James “all dogs are love and beauty wrapped in warm fur. If people want to make a fuss about some dogs that’s fine. I love them all!”

With his love for all dogs, purebred or rescue, James is opening his pop-up studio at Westminster this weekend to all dogs, purebred or rescue.

And, shhhhh, if you want your pup photographed, he’s got a special deal going realizing many owners not being used to the ”Westminster way” may not want to get into it at all. And if they don’t, that’s fine. He’s set things up so things won’t even cost anything if the owners don’t want to buy their pup’s photo by totally waiving his sitting fee.

So, here’s the deal for us, beloved non-Westminsterites.

James is inviting non-Westminsterites to his studio in the Pennsylvania Hotel, which is Westminster headquarters 401 7th Avenue, New York NY 10001 from noon to 8 pm tomorrow and Saturday (February 7th & 8th). Phone 212-544-9655 for an appointment.

He will waive his $250 sitting fee so you have no skin in the game.

Then your dog will have a full photo shoot, equal to the shoots James does for the Westminster pups. You will receive your proofs. Brooklyn Barkers who order photographs will receive a 15% discount and James will donate 5% in their name to Sean Casey Animal Rescue.

Non-Barkers will have 20% of their total invoice donated in their name to Sean Casey Animal Rescue.

Either way, no commitment and a great deal from the Westminster portrait photographer himself.

So go for it!

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