About Brooklyn Bark - Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Brooklyn

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Founded in 2010, by Rachel Bowers, Brooklyn Bark has been raising the bar for pet care. Rachel worked with many types of animals, including parrots, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, snakes, wild life and of course dogs and cats. Before founding Brooklyn Bark, Rachel worked as a pet care professional while freelancing in graphic art.
Growing up with a rescue dog, she learned the importance of animal trust and routine. When the family went on vacation and boarded their dog at a kennel, she experienced PTSD/ shelter shock. At the time this was not acknowledged in the animal community as being a "real thing", but a traumatized dog who bloodied her paws trying to escape told the truth. This led to the foundation of Brooklyn Bark.  Animals can become stressed when their family, routine and environment change.
Get the benefits of personalized care from individuals with the power and flexibility of an established company behind each care giver.
Our philosophy: Happy People = Happy Pets ; Happy Pets = Happy People! Meet the BBark Team

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Individual Care

Dogs and other animals get to know and trust individual people. This is why you will have a primary care giver and a backup for those emergencies. Bonding begins when we meet with you and your dog during the free in-house consultation. 

As the bond between walker and pup becomes strong, that is when truly personalized walks are formed. Walks are not only for a potty break but also a break from sleeping on the couch and having a bit of excitement. Since we do not do pack walks, we match pups based on size, energy, temperament and other needs. 


GPS Tracking

Know exactly when and where your pup walked! Everything is tracked by our smartphones. Since our phones are always with us when we walk, you are seeing where your pup has been with your walker and for how long. GPS and time

Online Booking

  • Ability to request care electronically
  • Automatic emails when care actually begins and when it ends
  • Written comments from your Care Associate at the close of every session
  • Real time GPS tracking of walks 
  • History of every care session, including GPS tracking maps, and calendar of future sessions scheduled 


365 days of coverage

365 purpleWe provide coverage 365 days a year for our contract clients,  including Holidays and Weekends. And yes, last minute bookings to keep up with the NY minute.* We do ask you for prior notice, for non-business days such as weekends, Holidays and evenings. This way we can guaranteed coverage while we rotate staff during "off times". 

Just book your service(s) online!

*Please note surcharges for weekend, evening, holidays and last minute booking. Visit our Rates page

Pet First Aid/ CPR Certified

Pet Tech Badge

Yes! CPR/First Aid Certified in dogs and cats. We even offer classes three times a year (February, June and October) for pet owners to learn CPR/First Aid for themselves. (yes, this seriously exists and we are so serious about safety we have a trained PetTech Instructor on staff)


Emailed Notes

You will get an automatic email when the walk/visit starts. At the end of the walk/visit you will be emailed a map of where we've been as well as a progress report including: time in/out, length of visit, where the walk/visit occurred, peed/poop, feed, socialization and training and any changes in behavior or health.