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Dog Walking in Williamsburg: Mike Rose

Posted by Helen Bowers on Jun 30, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Meet Mike Rose of our Williamsburg dog walking team:

There's a lot more to Mike Rose than just a handsome face. Mike has one of those brains that's always learning, analyzing and endeavoring to understand.


When he's not walking dogs in Williamsburg, Mike Rose spends a lot of time thinking about things like the ways color and shape affect the image of pharmaceutical brands and how to interpret the provisions of the Berne Convention.


Alright, maybe he doesn't, but he sure did when he was a research assistant for professor Christopher Sprigman.


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Canine Vaccines: How many shots does my dog really need?

Posted by Chris Gaylord, DVM on Jun 29, 2015 6:18:00 PM

With the "controversy" over human vaccines being finally put to rest - everywhere but California, it seems - Brooklyn Bark caught up with Dr. Chris Gaylord of North Slope Veterinary to discuss canine vaccines, from new puppy shots to annual boosters.  We reviewed what is important for a dog living in urban Northeast.


Brooklyn Bark:   Which vaccines does my dog need?

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5 Tips to Help Pup Enjoy 4th of July Weekend

Posted by Helen Bowers on Jun 26, 2015 5:55:51 PM

There are two things I look forward to all year.  One is the beach - the sand and surf and picnics and, yes, fun!  My dog, Angel, agrees.

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What Did You Say? Dogs and Cats Speak Such Different Languages

Posted by Helen Bowers on Jun 22, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Have you ever been in a social situation where suddenly everything turns OMG?  "What have I done?  I was trying to be nice.  I thought I was being nice?"


My boxer mix has that problem.  She is a cat magnet; even stray cats will cross the street to nuzzle her and wind around and between her front legs. It’s really something to see - until things go splat. Those “things” being the poor kitty, who is now being held firmly flat to the pavement by a giant, smelly dog paw and getting a thorough bath from a long, drippy (she is part boxer, after all!) dog tongue. Oh, the horrors of it all!


It always ends the same way: the now drippy, sticky and extremely angry cat manages to wiggle loose and things start looking like an old slapstick comedy.  My dog is trying to get the

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Five Guidelines of Dog Park Etiquette

Posted by Helen Bowers on Jun 17, 2015 9:55:00 AM

Dog parks or off leash hours in a dog friendly park can be amazingly fun and entertaining places for pet parents and their pooches.  It's great to bring your dog to a communal park for playtime and to possibly meet their next best doggy friend.  But let's face it, sometimes dog parks can be filled with more frustration and worry than the fun and the wrong kind of excitement.  It's easy for humans and canines alike to get overwhelmed with all the different dog behavior, and personalities of other dogs and their people. To help tone down all of the chaos that can ensue, here are some basic guidelines that every pet parent should follow when visiting a dog park.


1- Pick up after your dog

First of all, it is important for everyone to pick up their dog's poop.  I think we've all had that horrific moment of walking happily along when -squish- our nice clean sneakers are suddenly caked with brown stinky poop.  It's never

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Brooklyn Cat Sitter, Tips for Training your Cat with Catnip

Posted by Helen Bowers on Jun 8, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Whether you enjoy watching your normally dignified cat roll around on the floor or run through the house like a maniac -- or you want to modify your pet's behavior, catnip can help. Catnip contains a potent component -- nepetalactone, an oil that many cats just can't resist, leading to wild (and funny) antics.  


About 70% of all cats are affected by the scent of catnip, either dried or fresh; even if it looks like your cat is eating the herb, he is most likely trying to smash as much of

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Dog Allergies, Cat Allergies - what should I know?

Posted by Chris Gaylord, DVM on Jun 3, 2015 2:05:00 PM

Allergies can manifest all year round.  Springtime seems to bring more than the usual share so veterinarian Dr. Christopher Gaylord of North Slope Veterinary chatted with Brooklyn Bark about itching, swelling, watery eyes and the Rite of Spring. 

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4 Tips for the Pups and Kitties of Brooklyn to Come Clean this Spring

Posted by Helen Bowers on Jun 1, 2015 2:56:00 PM


Spring has sprung.  Dog walking in Brooklyn - and everywhere - has become even more joyous.  Here are 4 quick tips for your pup and kitty spring cleaning.


Chemical Free for Safe Cleaning, Spring Cleaning for Pets

Keeping your pet area clean is a daily chore for most pet owners.  Whether it's scooping the litter box or picking up after walking your dog, cleanliness is part of the daily routine.

But every spring we think about deep cleaning, getting rid of the winter grime and making everything fresh and new again. So what does

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Adoptapalooza: The Furry Festival at Which You Might Find Your Next Best Friend

Posted by Matt O'Brien on May 27, 2015 3:13:00 PM

They’re adorable. They’re adoptable. They’re coming in droves to Manhattan's Union Square Park this Sunday

May 31st.


That’s right! Adoptapalooza is in town! Which means that—between the hours of 12PM and 5PM—you are likely to hear several collective “Aww!”s and “Ooh!”s issuing from the direction of Union Square Park.


Adoptapalooza is the not-to-be-missed, twice-yearly extravaganza—put on by the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals and the Petco Foundation—that is guaranteed to tug at your heart strings. 300 cats, dogs, an

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Barking at the Cue: BBark Bark-B-cue 2015

Posted by Matt O'Brien on May 20, 2015 2:34:08 PM

We came. We barked. We barbecued. We left no tennis ball unthrown. 

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